Walailak University Council Appoints Ethics and Governance Committee

คกก. จริยธรรมฯ Eng

The University Council at the meeting No. 5/22 on May 14, 2022 resolved to appoint the Ethics and Good Governance Committee. to perform duties in accordance with the regulations of Walailak University On the Code of Ethics and Good Governance of the President of the University Council Members of the University Council, administrators, personnel and learners of Walailak University, 2022. The committee consists of the following persons:
1. Khunying Supattra Masadit – Chairman of the committee
(Member of the University Council)
2. Prof. Dr. Udom Tumkosit – Committee
(Member of the University Council)
3. Dr. Sathaporn Phakdiwong – Committee
(External expert in law)
4. Prof. Dr. Jarus Suwanmala – Committee
(External expert in management or on conflicts of interest or transparency)
5. Mr. Wiwat Sukpinya– Committee
(External qualified in finance and accounting)
6. Assoc. Prof. Dr. Boonan Pinaisap– Committee
(external qualified person)
7. Prof. Dr. Surasit Wachirakajon– Committee
(A committee of the University Council, selected from the Academic Council Committee)
8. Asst. Prof. Dr. Monthian Setkit– Committee
(Directors of the University Council, elected by full-time faculty members)
9. Ms. Hattakarn Karunpaisarn– Committee
(Representative of Professional Operations and General Administration)
10. Assistant Professor Dr. Padungsak Suksa-ard – Secretary
(Secretary of the University Council)
11. Mr. Banjongwit Yingyong – Assistant Secretary
(Head of the University Council Office)

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